About Us

In Assamese, ’Juhaal’ (জুহাল) is a kitchen; essentially one that uses wood as fuel.

juhaal.com is the most comprehensive online platform that deals in authentic kitchen and food products from Assam and others parts of India's north-east region. 

From leafy to non-leafy vegetables; from cereals to beans & pulses; from rice fritters, cakes and laddoos (laaroo) to local spices; from fish to smoked savouries… Juhaal will offer a variety of options to connoisseurs of Assamese food at the click of a button. 

Place your orders on the go, from the luxury of your home, office or even while taking your morning or evening strolls. We’ll ensure you get all items cleaned, diced, chopped, de-seeded and assorted; hygienically-packed and ready to cook.

Juhaal brings to the world the most authentic Assamese kitchen products from home far away.

Juhaal is a brand of Junuka Commercial LLP.

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