Assamese rice fritters, cakes and laddoos  

Black Rice Til Pithaa (per piece)

Black rice flour rolls stuffed with grounded black sesame seeds and jaggery...

INR 25 Ex Tax: INR 25

Bundiya Bhujia (250 gm)

Separate packs of 150 gm bhujia and 100 gm bundiya sold together...

INR 100 Ex Tax: INR 100

Ghila Pitha (per piece)

A sweet made of ground rice and jaggery...

INR 15 Ex Tax: INR 15

Mihi Dana (200 gm)

A small derivative of the traditional Boondia, Mihi Dana is derived from two words - Mihi meani..

INR 100 Ex Tax: INR 100

Narikal Laru Big (per piece)


INR 16 Ex Tax: INR 16

Til Laru (per piece)

Til Laru (per piece)

Laddoos made of Black Sesame Seeds..

INR 12 Ex Tax: INR 12

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